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Suite 101
New Braunfels, Texas 78130
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Meet Our Staff

Meet Dr. Sundip Patel

Dr. Sundip Patel is a medical optometrist operating in the Greater San Antonio area, serving New Braunfels for ten years, since 2005. He recently moved locations to 1667 IH 35 South. Working with patients ages five and up, he is a competent and compassionate individual who takes time to thoroughly explain all eye-exam results to those in his care. He is a fee-for-service provider interested in giving you the best eye care possible. Since he does not sell glasses, he offers patients unbiased advice regarding any questions or concerns they might have. Because he doesn’t own the building or the equipment, he is able to keep his overhead low and passes those savings on to his patients. He provides wellness eye exams as well as medical eye exams monitoring for conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, hypertension and cataracts. He also takes office visits for infections, foreign bodies, corneal abrasions and vision loss. In addition, he has plenty of experience fitting contact lenses of all kinds. Dr. Patel received his training from The Pennsylvania College of Optometry, one of the oldest schools of the practice in America.

When Dr. Patel isn’t busy helping patients, you can find him spending time with his family, working on his car or cheering on the Spurs.

Vanessa Armendariz

I am proud to say I have been with Lone Star Vision Associates for about 10 years now. I enjoy coming to work every day and meeting new and established patients. I've lived in New Braunfels for most of my life and graduated right here in New Braunfels High School in 2003. I briefly attended St. Phillips college to further my education as a nurse but found my true calling here at Lone Star Vision Associates. Our town has really grown the last couple of years. I can't wait to see what our future holds for our practice so that we may continue to serve our area as well as our surrounding areas with their visual needs. In the office I am mainly in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly each day. Insurance claims are partially managed through me. I am happy to schedule appointments and answer any questions our patients may have. I will continue to grow and learn with Dr. Patel and our staff.

Brenda Villagomez

I have the pleasure to say that I have been working at Lone Star Vision Associates since I graduated high school; I am now a college student pursuing a career in the medical field. I am a pre-eye exam technician, I pre-examine patients and collect information in order to help Dr. Patel and assure patients receive an accurate eye-exam. I also schedule appointments, call patients for their annual eye exams, and check patients' insurances in order to have everything ready prior to their appointment. Working for Lone Star Vision Associates is a great experience and I love to learn new things every day to make sure the office is at its best for our patients.

Flavia Sanchez

I’ve been a proud member of Lone Star Vision Associates for almost a year. I work as a pre examination technician, helping patients schedule appointments, and help gather the information needed to ensure an accurate prescription. Other of my daily tasks include, verifying patient’s insurance benefits, helping Spanish speaking patients understand the doctor, and helping the day go by smoothly. When I’m not busy thinking of lame puns, I’m working on expanding my knowledge as a technician to provide patients with a worry free exam.

Deseri Purvis

I have had the pleasure to work at Lone Star Vision Associates for the last couple of months. I absolutely love my job and the group of people I work with. I’m originally from San Antonio, but now live with my husband and three kids in Cibolo. I can’t wait to continue learning and grow with Dr. Patel and the amazing staff.

Ruby Apolinar

I’m a honored member of Lone Star Vision Associates. I’m a college student at Alamo Community Collages, studying to be an occupational therapist. I enjoy being a technician at Lone Star Vision. As a technician I pre-test, verify insurances, set up appointments for patients among other tasks. There is a lot to learn and so many new experiences to accomplish. Outside of work, I enjoy Painting and trying out new baking recipes especially for the staff members to try.